Restoration Gallery

Current and completed projects
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55 Chevy Belair
Restoration- Complete
59 Chevy Corvette
Restoration- Complete
74 Plymouth Duster
Restoration- Complete
69 Plymouth Road Runner
Restoration- Complete
65 Plymouth Barracuda
Restoration- Complete
37 Plymouth Coupe
Restoration- Complete
64 buick wildcat
Restoration- Complete
69 Chevy Chevelle
Restoration- Complete
57 Chevy Belair
Restoration- Complete


Do you a have classic or muscle car you would like to restore?

Whether you want to show off that classic ride around town and be the envy of onlookers at cruise night, or take top honors at the next car show, we will customize your restoration to meet your needs. With more than 20 years of experience, our shop can take your vehicle in any condition and give it the look that you've been dreaming about.

We are your one stop for making that "diamond in the rough" shine as brightly as your dreams.
  • Body
  • Paint
  • Mechanical
  • Interior
  • Safety Modifications
  • and more.....

Schedule a consultation with Bill to get started on that hobby car you have in the garage. You know you want to drive it!

roadrunner 74 duster gallery 37 coupe gallery 65 baracudda gallery 64 wildcat gallery 59 corvette gallery 55 Belair 69 Chevelle 57 Chevy Belair